Welcome to Atak_Snajpera's applications home site

On this page you can find few applications I have written in Delphi for myself. Nevertheless I think some of them may be useful for others as well.
If you have any questions regarding these apps please use this e-mail dave99poczta.onet.pl

Auto Start Control v1.1.1

This application monitors common startup location for new entries.

AverageLuma v1.1.0

This tool calculates average luma level (0 - 255) for specific image using Rec.709 formula (Y = 0.2126*R + 0.7152*G + 0.0722*B)

File Transfer Speed Test v1.1.0

Simple storage benchmark.

POP3bot v1.3.0

Mail notifier with simple spam filter and theme editor.

Radeon Custom Resolution Manager v1.0.1

This tool can add non standard resolutions for driver.

RipBot264 v1.19.2

Simple and easy to use GUI for video conversion to h.264/AVC and h.265/HEVC format. 6c966b28-e0dd-48f6-b1c7-a56e8a275ec0

x264 FHD Benchmark v1.1.0

CPU benchmark based on x264 video encoder.

Created by Atak_Snajpera